This page covers both upcoming events and general news items.   More information on events can be found on the events page as well.

Upcoming Events

18th Degree in New Haven

On April 14th in New Haven, 285 Whitney Ave. there will be a portrayal of the 18th degree with an all Valley Cast. Please plan to attend, dinner is at 6 p. m. Contact Vern Cleaves in the Valley of New Haven for reservations.  The degree will start at 7:30 p.m.

28th Degree in Stratford

The 28th Degree will be portrayed in Stratford on April 7.  Please see this promotional material regarding the degree.

Anniversary of Martyrdom of Jacques De Molay

Our Deputy for Connecticut, Illustrious Brother Bruce T. Work, 33°, would like to communicate the following:

I would like to remind all of the Brothers in Connecticut that this month marks the 700th anniversary of the martyrdom of Jacques De Molay. It was on March 18th, 1314, that Philip the Fair, king of France, had him burned at the stake on the lle au Juifs, an island in the Seine River, in Paris, for recanting his confession that condemned the Templars and stating that, his only offense was not being true to the order of Knights Templar.

We certainly have plenty to be thankful for as well in Scottish Rite and Masonry in general. The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction will be sending a small delegation to Paris to participate in the wreath laying ceremony at the site of De Molay’s demise.

17th Degree Postponed!!!

The 17th Degree, scheduled for March 3, 2014 in New Haven, has been postponed until March 24, 2014, also at New Haven.  This will combine the 17th Degree with the video presentation of the 24th Degree, already scheduled for March 24, 2014.

Watch the website and calendar for more information concerning the start time of each degree.

***Save the Date!!! ***  2014 Council of Deliberation at the Mystic Hilton

As the Supreme Council’s Annual Sessions are now being held every other year (on odd years), the Council of Deliberation meetings on the even years will be larger and more elaborate.   The Council of Deliberation for 2014 will be a three-day affair, for brethren AND their ladies:   Friday evening reception and social hour, Saturday morning Council of Deliberation and business, Saturday evening banquet and dancing, with presentation of the Frederick H. Lorenson 33° Meritorious Service Award, Sunday morning get-away breakfast.   Ladies are welcome and encouraged to attend.   It will be held at the Mystic Hilton in Mystic, Connecticut from Friday September 19, 2014 through Sunday, September 21, 2014.

Registration for this event will be in March, and more information will be forthcoming at that time regarding costs.


General News Items

David M. Robinson Receives Meritorious Service Award


David M. Robinson receives MSA

Brother David M. Robinson received the Frederick H. Lorenson 33° Meritorious Service Award at the Connecticut Council of Deliberation meeting in Naugatuck, June 21, 2013.

Please congratulate him when you see him.

Supreme Council Dues Reduction Program

Wouldn’t it be great if something you did on a regular basis helped you reduce the amount of your Scottish Rite dues? Well, now it can!

The Supreme Council has begun a program to allow individual Scottish Rite masons to reduce their dues by shopping through OneCause. With OneCause, you register on their site, associate with your cause (in our case the “Scottish Rite Freemasonry, NMJ” cause), and purchases made through participating online merchants, begun via the OneCause website, will apply a percentage of the transaction amount to your dues. The maximum percentage is 20%, although the average percent is between 2% and 6%.

To sign up, you need an email address, and must specify your cause. A link on the Supreme Council Membership Services web page will take you right to the appropriate OneCause page, or you may follow this link directly.

Once on the OneCause page, if you click “Shop to Support This Cause” in the left hand navigation area, you’ll be taken to a page to register. If you select the “Help” link in the upper left, you can read a list of Frequently Asked Question. There are other helpful links on the front page, including a short flash video to explain to you how the program works.

If you shop regularly online with merchants like Amazon, Staples and many others, a percentage of your purchase is applied to your dues. The only requirement is that you start the shopping experience from the OneCause page, by clicking on that merchant’s link.